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Campus Advisory


Thursday, April 19,  2018

UNM-Taos will be CLOSED tomorrow, Friday, April 20th due to town-wide water emergency.

Please be advised, due to the Town-wide water emergency declared by the Town of Taos, UNM-Taos will be CLOSED tomorrow, Friday, April 20th.  This is the interest of the health and safety of our campus community and in alignment with the Taos Municipal Schools decision to close as well.

For more information, please visit and refer to the Press Release below issued by the Town of Taos:





Due to a mechanical failure of a critical pump in Well #5 of the Town of Taos’ municipal water system, the Town has declared a Stage 5 Water Emergency, instituting several water conservation measures.

While all customers will continue to receive water as the Town has recently both increased its water storage capacity and also has instituted a series of “interconnect” agreements with adjacent water providers, some customers may still experience a loss of water pressure as the Town’s water storage tanks are drawn down.

A lack of water pressure can impact water dependent indoor fire prevention systems and fire hydrant pressure and therefore it is important for public safety reasons that the Town’s system maintain as close to normal water pressure as possible.

Therefore, the Town is requesting that all residents and businesses reduce their use of Town water as much as possible during the next 72 hours for this water emergency.

In addition, the following water restrictions are now in place effective immediately. Under a stage 5 Water Emergency, violators may be disconnected for violating the restrictions:


No outdoor watering of lawns, athletic fields, parks, gardens or trees, no filling of pools, fountains or ponds, and no use of irrigation systems on Town water.

No washing of windows, buildings, patios, sidewalks or streets.

The use of temporary meters for construction or filling from fire hydrants by anyone other than public fire departments is prohibited.

Use bottled water for drinking and pets, when possible.

Use showers, rather than baths and limit use to 5 minutes, where possible.

Limit serving water tap water in restaurants only to when requested by customers.

No open/outdoor burning. High winds and low humidity at this time have resulted in a total burn ban. No outside burning is permitted.

As a precaution, be sure to have a supply of bottled water in your house available for cooking, washing, flushing toilets and emergency needs in case you lose water for any period of time.

Our ability to get through this temporary crises is dependent on the cooperation of all residents and businesses. If we all cooperate and use water wisely, then everyone should experience minimal inconvenience.

However, as pressure fluctuates or drops, some customers may experience the following:

Town of Taos
What to Expect In a Water Emergency

During a water crisis our customers may experience one or more of the following:

1.Loss of Water– Water consumers that are located on higher elevation of the water system may experience permanent or temporary water loss during periods of the emergency.

2.Fire Protection– Due to water storage loss fire protection may be limited. Water-charged fire suppression systems may not perform at required standards. Keep fire extinguishers handy in commercial kitchens and utility rooms,. Be sure to check that they are fully charged and operable. Taos Fire Department has prepared for this emergency but due to pressure loss at hydrants service may be impaired on large structural fires.

3.Air surging within their plumbing – Due to the water system running out of water or low water flow, the water system will have pockets of air which will be entrapped within the plumbing. This may result in water spurts, noises, pipe rattling of collect in your hot water heater and other water storage devices.

4.Water Leaks–  Water leaks may develop within older systems that are weak or old.

5.Cross Connections–  Potential cross connection are probable. If you are currently spraying any type of chemical for plants and or grass. STOP IMMEDIATELY.

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