The DMA program offers a solid foundation in technology, a rich creative background in the arts, and the communication  skills  necessary  to  convey  ideas  in  the  digital  realm.  The  proposed  curriculum  is  interdisciplinary, including courses from the art and computer/IT areas and will provide practical, applied  education  towards  entry-­‐level  positions  in  digital  media  and  IT  support.    The  program  is  designed to quickly develop the workplace and content skills necessary for entry-­‐level work, with further concentrations in digital media design and technology. We believe the program is unique in two ways. First, it offers two related but distinct pathways to the Digital Media AAS: (1) designer (with the DMA area of focus on the Arts/Media Arts) and (2) technician (which is built on a “pluggable” IT certification). Second, the IT area of focus is built on a solid foundation of IT content and support skills based  on  an  industry  standard  (A+/  CompTIA/TestOut).  Students  completing  a  program  in  Digital  Media Arts develop the skills to pursue working in graphic design, publishing, advertising, web production, film, animation/3D modeling, television, gaming, interior design, and industrial design. Those  student  wishing  to  pursue  the  DMA  IT  area  of  focus  become  Digital  Media  Arts  Technicians  capable of entry-­‐level IT and Computer Support Specialist employment with a solid background in Digital Media use and application.


The DMA Design track of the program is designed to be transfer  ready  for  the  4  year  program at  UNM  Main  Campus’  Interdisciplinary  Film  &  Digital  Media  Program, as it contains the requisite core transfer area courses. Further the concentration courses are almost entirely transferable, with the exception of two (2) DMA courses ( which are part of the core prerequisites  of  the  DMA  Design  program)  offered  locally;  note  that  for  full  transferability  of  the  elective courses, the elective offerings containing the Art Studio courses are fully transferable, while the AAC and CT courses are not.

The  DMA  Technician  track  of  the  program,  based  on  the  IT  Certificate,  has  been  developed  in  conjunction with other NM community colleges (e.g., CNM, SFCC, NNMC, ENMU-­‐R, and UNM branches at  Valencia  and  Los  Alamos)  under  the  DOL  TAACCCT  grant  discussed  above,  and  is  designed  to  be  articulated with other UNM Branches, as well as members of the emerging SUN Online consortium, which  includes  SFCC,  CNM,  and  NNMC.    UNM  Taos  students  will  have  access  to  IT  concentrations  offered throughout SUN Online, leading to further certificates, industry certifications, and perhaps an AAS in IT (e.g., Cyber Security, Health Records, Business Analytics, etc.).

AASDMA – Associate of Applied Science in Digital Media Arts Total Hours (67 Credits)


DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS DESIGN -­‐ Total Hours (30 Credits):