Ongoing Water Main Issues

Ongoing Water Main Issues

On Friday, January 5th, the Town of Taos contacted UNM-Taos to inform us that the water line that provides water to the Klauer Campus had ruptured. This rupture caused us to close campus Friday and, because this type of failure has occurred before, the proper repair to the line will require us to operate without flowing water this week (January 8th – January 12th).


In order to maintain normal hours of operation (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), a climate-controlled port-o-potty trailer has been placed behind Fred Peralta Hall (see attached map). Additionally, bottled water will be placed in key areas around campus.


While we understand that this is an inconvenience to you, we are enacting these measures to allow for the continuation of normal hours of operation.


Thank you for your patience and consideration.


Port-a-Poty Map

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