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 If you have been attending a two-year institution, you must make some adjustments when entering a Bachelor’s completion program through one of the University of New Mexico Bachelor and Graduate Program sites. Admission, tuition, and fees will be substantially different from the two-year institution. Bachelor and Graduate programs function by the same policies and procedures as Main Campus programs; the courses are just offered on a different campus.


The cost of attending a university is a major concern for students. Whereas the low tuition at the two-year colleges is subsidized by local property taxes, the funding for Graduate and Upper Division programs comes from state funding similar to that of other university campuses around New Mexico. Therefore, students at distant sites will be charged the same tuition and fees as students at UNM Main Campus. Contact the UNM Taos Financial Aid Advisor for more information on student aid (575) 737-6215. You can also contact main campus Financial Aid at (800) 225-5866.


Degree Admission
Students can apply for admission to Bachelor and Graduate program either at the local UNM Extended University site at 246-B Ledoux Street in Taos, or at the specific department on Main Campus. You must meet the admission requirements of Main Campus since degree requirements will be the same as students attending UNM in Albuquerque. Processing an application takes time and depends on a number of factors. Application review will not begin until all transcripts, test scores, and application fees are on file. It is important to meet with an advisor before applying for admission.


Non-degree Admission
If you want to take a course but do not want to apply to a specific program, you may apply to UNM in Non-degree Status. Keep in mind that most colleges and departments will only accept up to 12 non-degree credit hours to be applied to a graduate program.

You can fill out a non-degree application at the local UNM Extended University office.

Contact an Extended University advisor for more information at (575) 758-2828.


UNM Credits
All courses completed within the UNM system will appear on your UNM transcript. College preparatory courses (numbered 010-100) and many vocational and technical courses are not accepted toward baccalaureate degrees. Check with an advisor to determine which of your credits will apply to an upper division degree.


It is important to schedule regular appointments with an advisor in the program that you are pursuing. Take the time to meet with your advisor and discuss any questions you may have. Advisors from Main Campus arrange advisement days at various sites each semester. Keep an eye out for announcements. The Academic Advisor in Taos can be reached at (575) 758-2828.


Student’s Schedule
The Bachelor and Graduate Programs provide convenient evening courses for students when possible. Course delivery methods include Live, Online, ITV and Correspondence.


Mary Lutz, M.F.A, Operations Manager
575 758-2828