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Business Office

Scott McAdamsUNM-Taos has a friendly experienced staff to help you with all your Business and Finance needs. If you cannot find the information or answers you need from the links listed on the left please feel free to call or email one of the staff members listed below.


The budget process

The budget process is an on-going process of fiscal responsibility. The budget process for the next fiscal year usually begins in the fall. The process begins with goal setting during the Strategic Planning meeting(s). A budget is put together by each department. After departmental approval the request is then submitted to the Executive Director for consideration. Adjustments to budgets, including adjustments to subcodes, must be made at this time.Once the funding allocation for the campus is decided by the Commission on Higher Education (CHE), the campus can then make final allocations for revenue sources. Departments then present their budget to the Administrative Team. The Administrative Team puts together a recommendation for the Advisory Board. One the Advisory Board approves the budget it is then submitted to the Board of Regents.

• To request funds for any reason, during the fiscal year, should be submitted on a Request for Funds form

Contract & Grant Accounting

All purchases must be approved by Thomas Duran. Monthly account reconciliation is REQUIRED for all contract and grant accounts.All requests for account corrections including payroll corrections should be submitted by Thomas Duran. A request for correction is considered tardy after 120 day from the date of the original transaction. You must have written justification if you exceed 120 days. All purchases for goods or services should follow all UNM guidelines. See "Big Red"

UNM Policy and Procedure Handbook for specific details. Some purchases made during the 4th quarter of the grant may be considered "stock piling" and therefore not allowed. All documentation for purchases must have a "purpose". Grant funds cannot be used to mail grant proposals.


FRS Reconciliation

The Report of Transactions is a detail of all your monthly transactions. An account reconciliation consists of verifying all transactions listed on your monthly FRS against your source documents and is strongly suggested for all accounts and is required of all Contract and Grant accounts.



Payroll signature sheets for Bi-weekly and workstudy employees are located at the Human Resources Office 115 Cruz Alta Dr. Payroll time sheets are available from Debra Martinez. It is important time sheets are submitted on the due date. Time sheets not submitted on time may result in delay of payment. All request(s) for corrections to payroll must be made in writing to Debra Martinez. All requests must include a copy of the Payroll and Payroll Distribution report in error.

Contact Human Resources Rep. Debra Martinez  575-737-6261 questions and/or information.


Purchasing Procedures

The Purchase Requisition is used to request the purchase of goods and services from off campus providers by the Purchasing Department and from on campus providers directly.

  • All purchase requisitions MUST be typed.
  • Contact Maxine Chacon for all purchases over $5,000 for specific processing information.
  • Attach all "original" documentation. i.e. order forms, registration forms, quotes, statements, etc.
  • Contract & Grant Purchases- All contract and grant purchases must be pre-approved by Dennis Cruz.
  • Computer Related Purchases-All computer hardware and computer software must be pre-approved by Computer Support Services.
  • The Purchase Requisition should never be used as a Purchase Order itself and given to an off campus vendor.
  • If a sole source or sole brand purchase is requested, a written justification should be attached to the Purchase requisition.
  • All purchases should adhere to all regulations in the University Policies and Procedures Manual.

Download Purchase Requisition Form Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader