ADN-RN Program - Gainful Employment Information

UNM-Taos ADN-RN Program

CIP Code 51.3801

Gainful Employment Information

The department of education requires institutions to disclose to current and prospective students the program cost, on time completion rate, placement rate, median loan debt and other key performance information on programs that prepare students for gainful employment in recognized occupations (75 FR66832).

Number of Students Enrolled at the End of Award Year 9
Program Length (fall and spring semesters) 4
Graduation Information  
Number of Graduates During Award Year  9
Number of Graduates Graduating within Normal Time   9
On time graduation rate   100%
Certification/Licensure Exam Pass Rate  
Sitting for Exam  9
Passed Exam 9
Pass Rate 100%
UNM-Taos ADN-RN Program Graduates Continuing their Higher Education  
Certificate conferred and continuing at UNM-Taos N/A
UNM-Taos Program Graduates Continuing their Higher Education 3
UNM-Taos Graduates Employed (placement rate) 100%
Median Loan Debt of UNM-Taos Graduates  
Title IV debts (Federal Debt)  TBD
Other Educational Debt (Private Loans)  TBD
Institutional Financing Plan Debt TBD
Program Costs 2014-2015
In State Tuition (per credit hour) $78 
Estimated Cost of Attendance
Program Tuition $ 4,368
Program and General Fees $ 2,178
Books and Supplies (per semester) $ 1,600
Room and Board per Semester N/A