“The UNM Yoga Teacher Training is wonderful because I am getting in depth learning from knowledgeable and dedicated instructors in classes that are close to home and are affordable.”
- Julia Cortopassi, Taos, NM

“I am new to yoga. Myofascial Yoga made it easy to learn the postures and names. It was awesome that I was able to feel confident about building my own practice at home to fulfill my own personal needs…not only body, but mind and spirit.”
- Shelli Noble, Taos, NM

Darshan Baba“The yoga teachers program at UNM-Taos is an excellent training. I learned more about teaching yoga in one semester than I can tell others have learned throughout their entire yoga training. Many yoga teachers are not adequately informed of the dangers of yoga, and as such, the necessary methods of facilitating a yoga class that is safe for all levels. I learned ways of guiding the class to use the breath and awareness to keep from hurting oneself. I have studied inner yoga methods for over seven years now, and I was very pleased to find these methods of internal training and mental discipline included in the yoga training at UNM-Taos.”
- Darshan Baba, Taos, NM

Alex Pumfrey“Myofascial Yoga was a great supportive style that is really helping me find my structural alignment.”

- Alex Pumfrey, Taos, NM

“Myofascial Yoga deepened my knowledge of the fascia, introduced the concept of “lines” and taught me how to integrate some basics into Physical Therapy. I am also now on a firm path toward gaining more knowledge on the subject. Kirstie’s presentation of the subject matter is direct, understandable and refreshing—not too technical.”
- Meisha Cantu, Taos, NM

“The Myofascial Yoga and Anatomy Trains class taught by Kirstie Segarra is a great class. The information covered in this class should be a must for anyone interested in teaching Yoga.”
- Rebecca Knight, Taos, NM
Lotus Bryan and Virginia“When I came to my first yoga class at UNM I was hesitant because of injuries I had received in a car accident several years earlier. I took some yoga classes before to help my recovery and ended up injuring myself further. I vowed not to take another class again. Because of the therapeutic emphasis I was persuaded to try the yoga teacher training at UNM-Taos, and as a result I experienced huge benefit. My individual needs were addressed and the postures were altered accordingly. I recommend these classes because of the knowledge and care the teachers bring to the class.”
- Brian Flynn, Taos, NM
Ruth Hulett“I made the decision to enter the Yoga Teacher Training in order to learn how to incorporate yoga into my acupuncture practice. I’ve discovered a new life path in Monique’s class, and in doing so, I’m approaching my future with newfound excitement and curiosity. I’ve learned how to adapt postures to various physical conditions and how to use the breath to modify postures. I’m leaving this program a different person than I was when I walked in. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say I've returned to myself.”
—Ruth Hulett, DOM, LMT, Santa Fe, NM

Myofascial“As a seasoned bodyworker and instructor in the UNM-Taos Yoga Teacher Training program, Kirstie clearly synthesized the myofascial system and its importance and impact on the body in asana. Her style and dedication in her teaching of the myofascial system gave me many new views to apply as a yoga instructor."
- Christine Sherwood, Taos, NM

“I understand now that yoga is not about asanas alone. It is about integration, quieting the monkey mind, and restoring balance in all parts of one's life, on and off the mat. Sometimes you don't know what you're missing until you find it. This has been a rare opportunity, and I know that this yoga program was waiting for me to discover as part of my journey.”
- , Austin, TX
Group Class “Yoga and the Myofascial Body helped me so much. Kirstie was so clear and had all the right material to facilitate me to get an understanding of something that I simply had no idea about.”
- Raquel Moncada, Taos, NM (bottom row, fourth from left)
“The Yoga Teacher Certification at UNM-Taos added new dimensions to my background gained from living in India .”
- Douglas Gilnett, Taos, NM 
Meg Dissinger“Myofascial Yoga is transformational work. This modality facilitates the development of a personal practice. Kirstie is a sparkling personality who brings her bright enthusiasm into her Myofascial Yoga work.”
- Meg Dissinger, Cimarron, NM
Whitney Lake“The UNM-Taos Yoga Teacher Training is nothing short of phenomenal. The expanse of compassion and knowledge of the instructors is unsurpassed, drawing on a vast array of backgrounds. I feel like my instructors have a genuine care and concern, as well as commitment to developing our individual strengths and becoming intimate with our weaknesses to foster our own growth as teachers.”
- Whitney Lake, Taos, NM

“Myofascial Yoga is a visionary holistic approach to reprogramming the body (and by extension the mind, emotions and spirit). Through working with the subtle network of fascia that extends throughout the body. Very effective!”
- Sean Murphy, Taos, NM