Required Concentrations

*Student choose 2 of 4 tracks

MAS 264 Yoga & Psychology of Chakras  Segarra, 3.0 credits

Myofascial Yoga is a blending vinyasa/ashtanga yoga taught in a hot room to assist the muscles and fascial body to stretch safely. This course emphasizes the blending of breath with movement in a conscious way, connecting the mind-body. Emphasis will be on using the core stomach muscles throughout the postures. Students will learn postures that include stretching, breathing, body mechanics, alignment, and form, along with inner attention to one’s self. The application of the seven chakras blended with Jungian Psychology will support the mind-body connection in this course.

MAS 262 Myofascial Yoga & Anatomy Trains Segarra, 3.0 credits

Myofascial Yoga is a blending of disciplines slowed down to facilitate the opening of connective tissue in order to assist the muscles and fascial body in stretching safely. The course emphasizes the combining of breath and movement to consciously connect mind and body. Students learn postures, breathing, body mechanics, alignment, and form, along with inner attention to one’s self. Thom Myers’Anatomy Trains is explored throughout the course, deepen our understanding of how the body compensates for injury patterns, traumas, and other connective tissue issues.

HHHA 143 Yoga Therapy  Grier, 3.0 credits
Yoga Therapy is a practical approach to yoga that allows individuals to relieve the mind of daily stress, build the body’s strength, flexibility, and stamina, and achieve a sense of reintegration. Emphasis will be on properly executed asanas, vinyasa karma (sequencing) and adaptation, the use of sound and pranayama, the process of meditation, and specific guidelines for adapting postures for individuals. In addition, this course encourages students to better articulate, analyze, and prescribe practices for various structural and functional issues.

Required Courses

HHHA 141 Yoga Teaching Methodologies & Ethics  Grier, 1.0 credit

Yoga Teaching Methodologies & Ethics introduces students to the different approaches, techniques, philosophies, and methods of teaching yoga, as well as the professional ethics involved in becoming a yoga teacher. Emphasis will be on study of the 8 limbs of Yoga, particularly the Yamas & Niyamas, the principles of professional standards, obtaining licensure and insurance, and identifying, developing, and integrating teaching skills in hands-on practice and question and answer segments.

HHHA 142 Yoga Therapy I  Grier, 1.0 credit
Yoga therapy I: Yoga Therapy for Personal Wellness is the adaptation and application of yoga techniques to help individuals facing health challenges manage their condition, stabilize structural imbalances, and improve their state of mind. Students learn how six factors—diet, environment, lifestyle, exercise, breathing techniques, and meditation techniques—can be used to restore balance to both body and mind. The course provides an integrated model that addresses all aspects of health and well being—both for maintaining health and resolving conditions of ill health. Students learn how to utilize and adapt practices such as breathing, chanting, and mantra for the treatment of psychological and physiological imbalances.

MAS 264 Yoga & the Myofascial Body  Segarra, 1.0 credit
Yoga and the Myofascial Body is a two-day experience of asana practice that explores how to open the myofascial body through different yoga postures. We will utilize Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains in combination with asana. Students will be challenged to observe and identify how they carry themselves in their daily lives and how to create therapeutic change through the proper development of an asana practice.


HHHA 293 Ayurveda Shaw, 1.0 credit
This course introduces students to various theories and modalities of Ayurveda lifestyle, cooking, and herbs. An overview of Eastern philosophies will be taught and demonstrated to students. The course is didactic and experiential in nature. Students will learn how Ayurveda is a complete philosophy of life, and that the non-material components of our lives-our consciousness, mind, thoughts and emotions—animate and direct or physical beings. tools for self-observation and self-healing. Emphasis will be on constitutional types, imbalances, and lifestyle techniques to support the return to balance.

HHHA 293 Ayurveda Cooking Shaw, 1.0 credit
HHHA 144
This course is an introduction in the basic principles of Ayurveda and how it is directly applied to cooking. Students will be taken to Hanuman Temple for part of the training to learn how to cook an a Ayurvedic kitchen.

HHHA 293 Bhakti Yoga (Chant), TBA 1.0 credit
Students will learn to chant Sanskrit mantras and chants that are offered under the devotional teachings of Bhakti yoga. Students will learn how to listen more deeply, as well as how to utilize chanting as a foundation for pranayama and meditation practices. Students will come to understand how these sacred utterances promote healing, focus the mind, and enhance a sense of well being.

HHHA 103 Kundalini Yoga Ellis-Sankari, 3.0 credits
Kundali Yoga explores the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga including exercise sets (Kriyas), breathing techniques (pranayam),and mental concentration and relaxation techniques; i.e. meditation. The focus is on strengthening the nervous system and balancing the endocrine glandular system.

MAS 293 Prenatal Massage and Yoga, Segarra, 1.0 credits
This course will help to demystify the process of working with the three trimesters in pregnancy. An overview of embryological development, associated risk factors, contraindications, as well as how to safely administer palpation in each trimester through massage, and appropriate asana through yoga therapy.

HHHA 104 Hatha Yoga, Stewart, 3.0 credits.
Hatha yoga is an introductory course for beginning yoga students who wish to explore yoga asana and the yoga sutras in a safe context. Modifications of asasna is offered to accommodate all body types and injuries. Nicolai Bachman’s, The Yoga Suturas, is used to explore a deeper understanding of Pantanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga.

HHHA 102 Meditation, Consciousness and Self Healing, Murphy, 3.0 credits.
Open to anyone interested in stress reduction, general well-being or simply developing a calmer, clearer approach to life. An introduction to meditation and related practices such as mindfulness and moving contemplative forms such as walking meditation and qi gong. Open to all levels, from beginners to experienced meditators. Each class meeting will include experiential exercises designed to illustrate stress reduction, meditation and awareness-building tools.