Massage Class of 2011"I was impressed by both the quality and breadth of instruction that was provided by the Integrative Massage Program at UNM Taos. The training I received in relaxing, therapeutic and deep tissue massage techniques was insightful, effective and unique. I also feel that the knowledge I've gained of human anatomy and physiology goes far beyond what most private massage schools are able and willing to deliver. Furthermore, the Integrative Massage Program provides opportunities to train in such modalities such as Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine, Yoga, Far-Eastern bodywork and Cranial Sacral, that would not even be offered in most massage schools. I would enthusiastically recommend this program to anyone interested in a career in Massage Therapy or , indeed, in Holistic Healing in general.”

—Daniel Pretends Eagle, Questa, NM

Dershan"A year ago, when a friend of mine who was in massage school told me they had 650 hours of hands on, I was wondering why so much? Today after my first semester at UNM, I just understood that once you dive into the world of bodywork and got hooked to it--learning will be limitless. Thanks to the life experience and knowledge of the teachers, the program gives a thorough and broad pathway to different modalities from deep tissue to craniosacral passing by Balinese and Thai massage. For me, the way massage is taught as a holistic approach instead of just a technical one was exactly in line with what I was looking for." —Irina Sels, Brussels, Belgium

Group Class outside" The Massage Therapy program at UNM-Taos was a great experience for me.  I learned very useful information on proper technique and body structure/function from the professors in the program.  Overall, I am very pleased with the whole program. "

—Ryoma McCormick, Arroyo Seco, NM

Ashley"The teachers are accessible and receptive. They teach us knowledge and respect not only for the physical body, but for the energetic body and the person inside, as well. They've got their own practices, so they prepare us for what we're really going to encounter out there." Dory Hulburt, Taos, NM

small group " The Holistic Health and Massage Program went above and beyond my expectations. The instructors I had were highly skilled, knowledgeable while gently guiding me througy my learning process." —Rachel Varela, Taos , NM

"The Integrative Massage Therapy Program has been an amazing transformational experience. I am extraordinarily grateful for the excellent training I received from highly qualified teachers.The program has been a tremendous blessing." Brian Flynn, Taos, NM

"I love the fact of having two of the greatest most knowledgeable, caring and loving teachers ever. I believe the program is excellent due to Kirstie Segarra and Tony Quintana." Dannyboy Juarez , Taos, NM

Maggie"The Integrative Massage Therapy Program is a magical and inspiring atmosphere! The students and teachers are extremely supportive. I am so lucky to be part of such a wonderful school family."Maggie Brannigan , Taos, NM

senator"I learned about my body and dysfunctions. I learned how to get the 'issues out of the tissues'. I had amazing professors that are masters in their field, that have a passion for helping people, teaching and patience....I feel confident in myself and my skills."Arsenio Arellano, Taos, NM

"This program has guided me back to where I want to be. It has helped me heal mentally, spiritually and physically. I feel like I am now more supported than I have ever been. I could not have had a better group of teachers to guide me. They have exposed me to a diverse set of modalities and I have grown tremendously." Shelli Noble, Taos, NM

Massage Class