Holistic Health and Healing Arts


Holistic Health and Healing Arts encompases:

  • holistic studies
  • meditation
  • art therapy
  • yoga therapy and yoga teacher training
  • tai qi and martial arts
  • herbology
  • and ayurveda

Childpose with PrayerMassage Class of 2011Shoulder Massage

For more information feel free to contact the Directors of our program for specific program content and to apply to UNM-Taos you must contact Student Services.
For more information on BUS Integrative Health track please contact Extended University at (575) 758-2828. For admissions to UNM-Taos please contact Students Services and Financial Aid at (575) 737-6200. 

Kirstie Segarra


Holistic Health and Healing Arts

Medical Massage

Yoga Program

Course Listing


  • Kirstie Segarra, Ph.D., LMT, RMTI, E-RYT, - student advisor for the massage program, - email at kirstie@taosnet.com
  • Alan Grier LMT - student advisor for the yoga program - email at alanag@365well.org
  • Jean Ellis-Sankari  MSW - email at jest@unm.edu student advisor for Holistic Health and Healing Arts
  • Ana Chavez, Sobadora
  • Heidi Gates, LMT
  • Daniel Eagle, LMT
  • Miriam Forunda, MA
  • Heidi Gates, LMT
  • Angelika Koch, DNM
  • Lucy McCall, Herbalist
  • Ginger Mongiello, MA
  • Sean Murphy, MFA
  • Antonio “Tony” Quintana, LMT
  • Patrick Shaw, LMT
  • Robert Stewart, LMT
  • Ben Teitelbaum, DOM
  • William “Ganesh” Veal, DC