Taos Advisory Board

TABAs determined by state statute, the Taos Municipal School Board serves as the Advisory Board for the University of New Mexico-Taos branch campus. This gives the local community a say in how their community college is run and provides a forum for local issues and concerns. The Advisory Board is primarily responsible for approving the UNM-Taos annual operating budget and participating in the selection and hiring of the Chief Executive Officer.  UNM-Taos and the Advisory Board conduct quarterly joint sessions to hear an executive summary from Dr. Patrick Valdez along with department reports from the Operations Department, Business Office, Physical Plant, Development Office, the Office of Student Affairs and the Department of Instruction.  


June 18

March 26

January 22


November 13

September 18

June 19

April 17

March 19


December 12

April 6

March 9


March 8

December 13


March 18


April 15

April 1

2012-2013 Taos Advisory Board Meeting Minutes